Humble Begi​nnings 

George’s Bakery was originally founded in 1977 as Donuts by George when the doors opened to a bakery legacy. Later, Donuts by George was moved to a new location where it would take on the new name Bakery by George. The bakery then broadened its menu and began selling pastries and cakes. In 1999 the bakery and its loyal customer base were passed on to new ownership where they continued the tradition that George built.

In 2000 a loyal customer came in to pick up an order of her own. She recalls that the owners both had smiles on their faces and friendly conversation. They got to talking about decorating cakes and the loyal customer mentioned that she had always wanted to learn. They offered her an application, later she was interviewed and soon hired. This loyal customer became the head decorator and is now the owner of George’s Bakery along with her husband.

The bakery is now ran by the owners with the help of their family. For a fresh start it was moved to a new location and given a perfectly fitting name for all the years of hard work that went in to this bakery legacy. The taste of original recipes, with a new so sweet style. Happiness starts here…

George’s Bakery. 

Renowned Quality

We will happily take your orders for baked goods, specialty pastries, event cakes and more. We appreciate when our professional opinion is considered and we are happy to collaborate designs to create the perfect treats for your events, or just to take home for a late-night snack.